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Star Wars the Roleplaying Game has always been one of my all time favourite game systems and settings. Despite being gone since the late ninties, the game still has a great and thriving community online. The Facebook group The Adventurer’s Journal is one of the creative ones, where new material for the game is presented in the magazine with the same name. I decided to do some talking to the founding member Brian L Bird.

Brian with his wife Juanita.

Welcome, Brian! First, let us know how and when you started playing Star Wars RPG.

I started playing Star Wars back with the Second Edition Blue Book.  I was stationed in Plattsbutgh Air Force Base in New York and Bill Smith was at the comic book store. It was pretty neat.  

What’s your best SWRPG-related memory?

There was a local game convention held in Ithaca New York back in the late 80s early 90s.  Myself and four friends went to the convention and we got split up in a few groups to play StarWars.  I remember I was playing Luke and went off on my own, splitting the party.  Later on we all realized that we had all won some convention awards in our own right, the scenario in different ways, for me it was roleplaying Luke, wandering off on his own.

How frequent do you play the game nowadays?

I just finished a Clone Wars era campaign that ran for a good 8 months.  I wish I could play more, but we have a rotating GM, system gig going with our Saturday Zoom Crew.

Compared to other Star Wars RPG:s – namely the ones from Wizards of the Coast and Fantasy Flight Games, which game has the higher ground and why?

Definitely Star Wars The Roleplaying Game by West End Games.  The sheer simplicity of the d6 system alone allows for ease of entry into the game, and the Wild Die offers dramatic results of epic success or epic failure.

How come you decided to make The Adventurer’s Journal?

I have a need to create. I’m always trying to put ideas to paper and have several projects that I pick up to work on and inevitably put them back down.  Back in 2018, I was into a Twitch Star Wars game and starting work on my own campaign set during the Reconstruction Authority Era.  As I was digging back into the d6 system, I found myself getting involved in the online Star Wars community and eventually asked if there would be interest in starting it back up.  Three years later and our 10th publication issue Seven comes out this November.  

Cover artist: Yvan Quinet

How do you relate to Legends and official canon in the game? Are there a problem with this elements as new movies is presented that don’t fit with what WestEnd Games produced?

Every issue presents three timelines, the Lucasfilm Canon timeline, Legends/Infinities formerly known as the Expanded Universe, and our own Adventurer’s timeline where we adventure into charted territory and established

events and alter the landscape.

Tell us about how one issue come to life! Are there many people involved, how do you choose material, do you have any kind of editorial office members?

The process is never the same.  It usually starts with the theme, which we have planned out ahead of time, then I source art for a cover, generate an issue slate that details our Features, New Template were presenting in that issues Solo Adventure, stories, articles, etc..  It usually starts out blank and then gets filled in with everyone’s assigned articles and features.

The group is over 600 strong and yet only about a dozen of us contribute to every issue.  We have contributors from Japan, Australia, Britain, Philippines, and of course the United States just to name a few.

I act as Publisher and Editor in Chief, we have Paul May from Australia and Mark Dowson from England who are our Managing Editors. Paul does the hardest work as our Chief Copy Editor, and is the one person who has read everything ever submitted.  Besides our faithful “subscribers” that is. We owe a lot of our success to Chris Shayor out of Empire Toyworks for the use of his photographs of his creations and the titular Rotgut Station that was featured in Galactic Guide One.

How to do if you have an article you feel should fit in the magazine?

We have a core of contributors that make the magazine happen, all they need to do is join our Facebook Group or send me an email at

Coverartist: Bartek Fedycak

Five facts about me

Name: Brian L. Bird

Family: I am blessed with a wonderful wife, three kids, and a granddaughter

Favourite SW-novel: Children of the Jedi

Favourite official SWRPG supplement: Tales of the Jedi Companion

Fantasy Flight or Wizards of the Coasts SWRPG: Neither, d6 all the way!

Cover artists

Yvan Quinet (Issue Six), Bartek Fedycak (Issue Five)

Regarding Star Wars Adventure Journal


StarWarsand all related images, logos,characters, situations, names and other references are wholly owned by Walt DisneyStudiosand LucasfilmLtd.

This is a fan produced work, and offers no challenge to the rights holders copyrights and trademarks, and isNONPROFIT and is not intended for commercial sale or any profit making venture. This publications is a pure expression of a shared love for StarWars TheRoleplayingGame as originally published by West EndGames.


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