Äventyr in English!

The quickstart guide is finally here! Available from DriveThruRPG for the low price of $4.99!

Äventyr is a storytelling fairytale, a roleplaying game, and an exercise in problem-solving, all in one. Suitable for children or older groups, Äventyr gives you the freedom to create and play through your own story in the magical world of Masona, where adventure awaits.

For those new to roleplaying games, there’s no easier way to get started. Tell a story with help from the players and let them solve problems, overcome obstacles, and earn rewards at the end of each adventure. Combine the story with puzzles, games, and activities, all in the same world. Ride dragons, visit underwater cities, save princes from dangerous monsters, and let the players be the heroes in the story.

Welcome to Masona, the adventure-filled world where you are the heroes!


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