Alea Masona – a setting for Dragonbane (3rd party module)

Alea Masona is a world of wonders. It’s the official world for Sagospelet Äventyr, presented in this campaign edited for Dragonbane. It’s a world filled with marvelous creatures, action paced adventures as well as mystery oriented ones. Loads of adventure seeds and two adventures are part of the main book. Make your pledge here:

For contents, see below:

Alea Masona

• A presentation of the island of Alea Masona, including history and geography
• Several adventure places with maps and descriptions
• More than 100 adventure seeds
• Many NPC´s and how to use them in your game
• New kin
• New professions
• New Heroic Abilities
• New School of Magic: Bard songs

Adventures in Masona

  • A lot of adventure places and adventure seeds
  • Several adventures ready to play

Monsters of Masona

  • A detailed descripton of the dragons of Masona
  • Several adventure places with maps and descriptions
  • Loads of new creatures

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