Stanogen Flux for Molten Solder

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Contains appr. 32g of flux. This is used to reclaim metal that would otherwise be lost when removing dirt or slag from the surface of molten metal in your ladle or  our Solder Melter Pot. You only need a tiny finger pinch of flux per use. Sprinkle it on the area with the dirt buildup and watch the metal go shiny and the dirt is minimised. Keep on stiring. Then use the ladle to scoop out the surface dirt. Any metal that is accidently scooped out with the dirt can be reclaimed after it has cooled and remelted at a later date.  Leaded Dross should be disposed off according to local rules.

Stanogen is not poisionous but the fumes can be strong. We recommend that you open a window or start a kitchen extravactor.

Please note that the Solder Melter pot already has a small bag of flux included. This pot of flux is extra for those that cast a lot. Better to have some and not need it than need it and not have it.

Picture has a 1 Euro coin for scale only.

Wash hands after use with soap. Avoid eye contact. Keep away from children. Only use in a ventilated area.


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